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All of my biases and more...

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K-pop questions, put a number in my ask box and I'll answer it!
1. Your favorite group(s)?
2. Your bias?
3. Your favorite song?
4. Do you ship? So yeah, which pairing(s)?
5. Have you ever gone to a concert?
6. How long have you liked K-pop?
7. Favorite boyband?
8. Favorite girlgroup?
9. SMtown or YG entertainment?
10. How many K-pop songs do you have on your ipod/playlist?
11. Name 3 of your favorite songs sung by girlgroups.
12. Name 3 of your favorite songs sung by boybands.
13. Are you taller or shorter than your bias?
14. What's your favorite lyric?
15. Have you made fanart / written a fanfiction?
16. How much kpop merchandise do you have?
17. Do you have cons/meetings in your country, so yes, have you ever attended to one?
18. Eldest or maknae?
19. Whose birthday is close to yours?
20. Do you watch k-drama? So yes, which one is your favorite?
21. Selca?